Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Tire; 2023 Review and Rating

Grand tour tires were a thing for many years, and each manufacturer strives to be the best. Constant advancement in research has produced some outstanding models, particularly in the premium wheel segment.

Bridgestone is among a handful of leading businesses with substantial industrial expertise. The current focus revolves around the company’s Turanza QuietTrack, one of several touring variants in its inventory. It is enthralling to learn if the business was able to produce a tire which “quietly impresses” without making excessive sacrifices.


  • The industry’s quietest tire
  • Warranty on treadwear for 80,000 km
  • Outstanding damp and dry performance
  • Utilizable in moderate precipitation conditions


  • Expensive
  • Average wet deceleration distances

What characteristics distinguish the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack?

The main benefit of the Turanza QuietTrack wheel is the fact that language proficiency is a very silent grand tour tire, and the majority of its characteristics revolve around this. Bridgestone leveraged its QuietTrack technology to evaluate and optimize the tire’s reduction in noise. The raised areas in the channels serve two purposes: reducing high-pitched tire sounds and enhancing snow traction.

Regarding slush, the tread pattern of the Turanza QuietTrack is going to be extremely beneficial. The 3D sipes have a zigzag structure that will further enhance snow traction.

Additionally, the ComfortCruise system has two possible uses. Primarily, Bridgestone employs it to offer a more pleasant journey with diminished vibrations, as you would anticipate from a magnificent touring tire. It is accomplished by rendering the contact patch broader, which also improves efficacy on damp surfaces.

Bridgestone developed the Turanza QuietTrack using four circumferential channels and longitudinal sipes that keep moisture from entering the tire’s interior. This layout is expected to end in an outstanding barrier to aquaplaning.

The rubber composition of the QuietTrack all-season wheel is designed to assure durability and efficacy in every kind of weather. To accomplish this, Bridgestone utilized more than 30 compounds.

The Turanza QuietTrack is equipped with EdgePerformance innovation to provide drier performance. It interlocks the channels, which ought to add to tire stability.

Treadwear Rating: 4 out of 5

How does it perform on fresh asphalt?

On smooth surfaces, the Turanza QuietTrack has exceptional performance for a big touring tire. It is essential to observe that those tires are inferior to outstanding performance zeros, so I won’t evaluate them.

The levels of adhesion are exceptional, as well as the tire will maintain remarkable cornering stability. When the tire is pushed a touch harder, you will note that it differs from most large tour tires.

In such circumstances, devotees seek a responsive tire, that the Turanza QuietTrack provides. It doesn’t feel the power source sharpest, yet it responds faster than a winter tire. The dashboard’s feedback is inferior to that of an excellent tire, and this may be a problem for some users. However, it is not as subdued as a few other gadgets I have reviewed. It is critical to understand what kind of tire you are purchasing.

Due to the mixture of rubber as well as tread layout, the QuietTrack provides exceptionally brief stopping distances.

Wet Evaluation: 4/5

How does it perform on routes that are damp and slick?

On damp and slick roadways, the QuietTrack is sadly less appealing. The tire’s principal shortcoming is its stopping distance. As an expensive tire, I expected them to be smaller, but they are still extremely secure.

Regarding the remainder of the efficiency, there is nothing negative to say. As one would expect with a Bridgestone tire, the degree of adhesion and traction on damp surfaces are exceptional.

The tread shape is optimized to provide exceptional resistance to aquaplaning. This will end up resulting in a tire that is extremely stable whether travelling in moderate or torrential rain.

Wet Score: 4/5

How does it get over snow?

The snow effectiveness of the Turanza QuietTrack is adequate for the task and your safety.

The Turanza QuietTrack is not renowned for its winter performance, as is typical of all-season tires. If you do not opt to operate your vehicle rally-style, your level of cornering traction is sufficient for maintaining you on the highway. Regarding traction, nothing has changed; it’s sufficient to get you moving if you’re not expecting marvels.

Even though the Turanza QuietTrack is adequate for safety in mild snow, it cannot replace your wintertime tires.

Snow Evaluation: 3.5/5

Is it cosy and sophisticated?

Bridgestone’s employ of the QuietTrack tech resulted in one of the best pleasant and silent tires.

In regard to sound, the QuietTrack is practically as silent as a murmur. There are a few silent tires available, particularly in the higher-end segment, but this particular model is the quietest. Bridgestone engineered it to ensure every single tire’s feeble sound is muffled by other interior sounds. Even proprietors of electric vehicles will be astonished by how quiet the tire is.

The quality of ease is also worthy of praise. Minor flaws in the road are flawlessly smoothed out, and bigger ones are somewhat very effectively absorbed without any vibration or roughness.

4.5/5 stars for coziness

Is it suitable for off-road use?

I frequently state that all-season tires cannot be suitable for off-roading, so I am able to state the same way regarding the Turanza QuietTrack. Although it is compatible with the majority of SUVs and intersections, the wheel will perform poorly in those illnesses and it might be easily damaged.

Having said that, brief diversions on a gravel road ought to be acceptable so long that you do not expect performance. Muck should be averted, with the exception of tiny sections.

Is the Bridgestone QuietTrack a suitable tire for dynamic driving?

As a comfort-oriented all-season tire, the  QuietTrack performs admirably for spirited driving.

You will have ample cornering traction, and you are able to have a good time with it. Anticipate it to be less grippy than a P Zero as well as Pilot Sport, however, the QuietTrack is going to work admirably for the vast majority of drivers.

I won’t claim it’s an exceptional tire for racetrack activities, but you’re welcome to use it and have fun.

Noise Score: 5/5

Is Turanza QuietTrack pricing reasonable?

If you’re prepared to shell out more money, the  QuietTrack is a worthwhile investment.

Even in the higher-end segment, this tire’s starting price of $145 places it among the more costly options. The positive aspect is you get plenty for your money.

Exceptional dry behaviour combined with exceptional damp and mild snow ability is only a small part of the bundle. The primary selling points are elegance and ease. You will receive one of the sector’s most pleasant and silent tires.

The expanded treadwear warranty from Bridgestone ensures that durability won’t pose an issue.

Value Rating: 4.5/5

Should I acquire Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack tires?

You must, particularly if you expend a great deal of time travelling. It’s difficult to dislike the Turanza QuietTrack, as it has numerous advantages and only a few disadvantages.

This tire is capable of performing well in a variety of climates, as is expected of all-season tires. The arid performance could not be considered the finest in the industry, but it exceeds the requirements of most users.

A tire with ample adhesion and traction and adequate responsiveness will end up resulting in a pleasant and secure driving experience.

In rainy weather, the tire will provide excellent cornering traction and vehicle stability. Due to the tread layout, the straightaway stability and aquaplaning resistance are both exceptional. The slightly lengthier stopping distances of the Turanza QuietTrack are somewhat unsatisfactory.

On snow, the efficiency in mild snow conditions is adequate. It will have adequate traction for keeping the car moving and sufficient stability if you don’t press it too hard in corners. The zigzag tread pattern makes it snow-driveable.

This tire is the quietest available. Bridgestone exerted significant effort to reduce tire noise to an almost imperceptible level. In terms of comfort, the ride is luxurious and free of vibrations no matter the road surface.

Bridgestone provides 80k-mile treadwear protection on the Turanza QuietTrack, considered to be among the most comprehensive in the industry, to guarantee that you can use the tire for a long period.

In general, the Turanza QuietTrack is an exceptional tire, and despite being a touch more costly, you are receiving a great deal for your money.

4.5/5 Overall Rating

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Tire Sizes

  • 15″ 195/65R15 205/65R15
  • 16″ 205/55R16 205/60R16 205/65R16 215/55R16 215/60R16 225/60R16
  • 17″ 205/50R17 215/45R17 215/50R17 215/55R17 225/45R17 225/50R17 225/55R17 225/65R17 235/45R17 235/50R17 235/55R17 235/60R17 245/45R17 245/50R17
  • 18″ 225/40R18 225/45R18 225/50R18 235/40R18 235/45R18 235/50R18 245/40R18 245/45R18 245/50R18 19″ 235/40R19 245/40R19 245/45R19 255/40R19 255/45R19 20″ 245/45R20

Guarantees and Assurances

The Bridgestone QuietTrack is backed by three important warranties and assurances.

This includes the Platinum Pact  Warranty, a tread-life assurance, and a money-back guarantee of 90 days.

Limited Warranty for Platinum Pact

The Platinum Pact is primarily a warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

Bridgestone will replace the Bridgestone QuietTrack tire whenever it becomes unsuitable for reasons within the company’s control.

According to the situation when it is taken out of service, the defective tire will be substituted with an equivalent new one at no cost or at a discounted cost.

Free Substitute

Bridgestone will swap out your Bridgestone QuietTrack tire using an identical one without charge if it grows unsuitable within the first three years after purchase.

Bridgestone additionally pays for the tire’s installation and balancing, whereas the buyer is responsible for taxation, dumping fees, valve stems, and other service-related costs.

Proportional Replacement

Bridgestone will exchange the tire on a pro-rated basis whether it is withdrawn from duty after 3 years compared to the date of purchase.

Bridgestone and the purchaser will split the tire cost of substitution on an equitable basis.

The purchaser’s replacement cost will be determined by the proportion of the tire’s initial usable tread that was worn away at the point of removal from the operation.

This percentage is subsequently multiplied times the dealer’s existing Bridgestone QuietTrack price for sale.

In addition, the buyer is liable for mounting as well as adjusting the tire, taxes that apply, tire removal fees, as well as minor service fees.

This warranty covers the tire over an aggregate of 5 years compared to the date you bought it or 6 years to the period of manufacture.

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Dimensions and Compatibility

The Bridgestone QuietTrack is available in a wide range of diameters, from 15 to 20 inches.

This tire is suitable for the majority of popular passenger vehicles, sedans, crossovers, small vehicles, coupes, and small hatchbacks due to its extensive size range.

Therefore, finding a dimension that suits your vehicle ought to be difficult, and the retailer will send it to you.

  • Chevrolet Evanda, Colorado, Epica, Bolt EV, Classic, Sonic, Focus, Bronco Sport, Mustang, C-Max, Audi A3, A4, A5, A4Quattro
  • Toyota Camry, Avalon, Prius Prime and RAV4, Challenger, Magnum SRT, Toyota Camry, Prius, Avalon, Prius Prime, and Dodge Charger
  • Honda Insight, Civic, Genesis, Kona, Sonata Buick Verano, and LaCrosse
  • Kia Soul, Sportage, Forte, Forte5, K900 Nissan, Kicks, Rogue, Juke, 370Z

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