Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT vs. Goodyear DuraTrac

When it involves off-roading, selecting the right tire is crucial. Given that driving is an exercise where wheels can be ruined, opting for anything like that seen on a Corolla doesn’t seem a good idea. Compare Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT and Goodyear DuraTrac tires.

Discover differences in off-road capabilities, tread design, and performance. UltraTerrain offers balanced on/off-road performance, while DuraTrac excels in extreme terrains.

Many various off-road tires choices that differ in usage within the tire business. On either hand, there are mud-terrain alternatives for particularly extreme situations, while on the contrary, there exist all-terrain possibilities for a mix of both pavement and off-road capabilities. 

Quick Overview; Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT vs. Goodyear DuraTrac

Whenever it pertains to maneuvering on unpaved conditions, Goodyear’s Wrangler collection of tires delivers among the top products across several models that meet the demands of the majority of individuals. Today’s evaluation will pit 2 all-terrain wheels alongside one other to determine how they compare.

I evaluated the Wrangler UltraTerrain plus DuraTrac wheels, both of which are marketed as good all-terrain treads. Lest you become too confused, allow me to clarify. You may be asking why Goodyear offers two tires within the same category.

Despite the DuraTrac, that can be obtained at numerous stores, the UltraTerrain was built particularly for Discount Tires.

After we’ll see how both of them differ with regard to of capabilities.

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Wrangler UltraTerrain Goodyear

According to the supplier, the UltraTerrain serves as a wheel that can provide considerable off-road effectiveness without sacrificing roadway efficiency significantly. Glancing at the attributes, this tire appears to be intriguing. 

Among the UltraTerrain’s standout qualities is its all-season latex substance, which ensures durability across an array of conditions. It’s also harder, which means it can withstand chipping and scratches in extreme off-road situations.

The tread pattern is the fundamental characteristic that offers the UltraTerrain’s on and on dirt roads capability. The computerized contact patch maintains the tire’s stability and usability on the asphalt. Goodyear further promises that it will have smooth handling.

Another goal of Goodyear’s computerized model was to enhance comfort. While being primarily off-road wheel, the firm says that ride standards are unaffected. 

The void ratio being the component that will help it fight its way through any difficulty in rough terrain circumstances. It is intended to rid itself off sandy or muddy buildup, allowing it to provide continuous reliable traction.

The blockages surrounding the sides have been created not just to safeguard the wheel from destruction in severe circumstances, as well as to provide additional grip.


  • More reasonably priced
  • Resistance to aquaplaning is somewhat improved.
  • The handling is slightly improved.


  • The DuraTrac’s efficiency in sandy conditions is inferior.
  • There is no treadwear warranty.

The UltraTerrain carries an 3PMSF grade due to the harsh tread design and features used, which means it can withstand somewhat harsher wintertime weather over a M+S classed tire.

Goodyear DuraTrac Tires 

In certain respects, the DuraTrac feels comparable to the preceding tire. Incredibly also marketed as a versatile all-terrain plus all-season wheel, so you will get an acceptable level of efficiency on and around the asphalt.

In terms of the substance, Goodyear used an identical method and built it to remain useful all year. It, unlike the prior tire, is built for off-roading, which means it’s harder to break down when driving on non-paved terrain.

Goodyear used their TractiveGroove Innovation, which might enhance two crucial regions. The wheels with larger voids are better off-road runners because they are able to penetrate in and provide stability. 

The equivalent can be true for snow efficiency, which earns this tire a 3PMSF grade. preserve in awareness that certain sizes are only available in M+S.

Although we’re on the topic of winter achievement, Goodyear offers another ruse up its neck to boost it. LT-sized vehicles also become eligible for studs, providing the DuraTrac a formidable adversary in ice situations.

Because the DuraTrac would primarily be operated on highways, Goodyear modified the tread design to lessen the noise produced by on dirt roads wheels. The manufacturer attempted to produce a smoother ride by installing core stones at a greater angle; Watch this video below to understand this.

Furthermore, you should notice some improvement with regard to adhesion and grip.

Adventure riding isn’t out of the question, and because to the groove layout and strength, the DuraTrac will endure a hammering. These shoulder plates have been built with self-cleaning tech. As a consequence, they can consistently execute their duties and give outstanding traction. 


  • Studdable
  • Better suited to more intense off-road circumstances.
  • It manages to attenuate road vibrations more compared to the UltraTerrain.


  • greater cost
  • There isn’t much input from the steering wheel.

Competency Evaluation

Because both tires are in a comparable group, I expected identical handling and wasn’t disappointed. Despite the fact that every effort is not equal, the outcomes are very similar. In several areas, I’ll discuss the efficiency of both tires at the same time, mostly since there didn’t seem to be a distinction. 

How would they handle dry weather?

These wheels are intended to be operated on roads as well, along with the UltraTerrain or DuraTrac perform admirably. 

When expanding, the grip performs well and prevents excessive slide. You might get the treads to warm up under both circumstances, but it’s necessary to be quicker, whereas for ordinary speed, wheel wobble is non-existent.

The UltraTerrain along with DuraTrac function admirably in the bends. Notwithstanding the fact that these are not racing wheels, the degree of traction are rather decent. These tires work admirably in regular driving circumstances, although keep in consideration that the threshold isn’t very high. It implies none of them can provide the grip which an excellent tire provides.

In terms of brake distance, the wheels correspond closely while offering respectably low braking lengths. They lack the best in the field, but they are adequate.

In terms of distinctions, the UltraTerrain as well as DuraTrac remain fairly similar in dry circumstances. There may be slight distinctions that choose one over the other based on the scenario, but these are noticeable at the edge. 

How do these Act on slick roads?

Trail tires aren’t famous for their wet-weather performance, although certain types do. Based to the way the UltraTerrain as well as DuraTrac carried out I’d say the do a great job.

If the conditions are wet, the wheels will provide a highly useful performance that ought to be adequate for daily travel. The traction is adequate and reduces wheel rotate, while the contact rates in the bends are adequate.

In such circumstances, we start to notice some subtle variations, specifically in how well the wheels grip on the asphalt. When driven aggressively, the UltraTerrain gives up somewhat faster compared to the DuraTrac. Avoid getting me wrong: all are terrific, however the DuraTrac is capable of a little more.

The stopping lengths aren’t the main attraction in either situation. Although they are concise and safe, several brands’ rivals might exceed them.

An additional variable that contributes to efficiency differences is hydroplaning resistance. These tires provide great water evacuations, however the UltraTerrain appears to perform more effectively owing to the groove pattern.

This is most likely owing to their “straighter” canals, which lessen water limitation. As a consequence, it can maintain stability at somewhat greater speeds than the DuraTrac.

Are they suitable for usage on snow?

Terrain tires are a good alternative for wintertime driving because of their all-season material mixture and groove design. The result is excellent here, however here are a few variances.

The UltraTerrain is an all-season tire which works well in snow. Its 3PMSF rating allows it to provide traction in both light and thick snow. It might fail a little in compacted snow, yet it still gives rather short stopping distances.

The DuraTrac has a little harder tread design that allows it to handle snow easier. I’m simply referring to daylight or night variations, but it’s obvious, particularly in severe settings.

As lengthy as you avoid attempting to force them excessively, the wheels will withstand them firmly in both circumstances.

The largest distinction is seen on ice. Given that these tires are officially all-season, their efficiency is expected to be restricted. Having said this, the DuraTrac offers an edge if it’s an LT variant. The possibility to add studs onto a wheel implies that it will handle significantly better across ice compared to the UltraTerrain.

Will they provide enough off-road effectiveness?

The wheels for all-terrain vehicles are intended to provide off-road capabilities safely, and I’m pleased to say the two versions function admirably. Off-road efficiency is not comparable to dry efficiency, which was nearly matched.

Beginning with hard packed substrates, the UltraTerrain as well as DuraTrac are highly effective with no concerns. These can connect to the outer layer and get things up and running quickly. You can count on these to provide lots of traction in the bends while remaining controlled even at high speeds.

These wheels are suitable for rock sliding due to their interior design.

So long as your circumstances aren’t too severe, you may deflate them without fear of injuring them and still obtain outstanding results.

Therefore, what’s the distinction? Primarily sandy soil. These tires perform an excellent job of maintaining their tread designs clean, although the DuraTrac has a little advantage due to its design. It appears to perform better under these settings and can connect a little better once it becomes stuck.

Would they capable of managing situations?

You ought not to anticipate an all-terrain wheel to perform miracles, and the UltraTerrain as well as DuraTrac are no exception. They’ll be adequate for daily chauffeuring, but do not anticipate them to perform satisfactorily on a racecourse.

Depending on how well the wheels manage, the UltraTerrain seems to be a somewhat more stable tire compared to the DuraTrac. Keep it honest, both wheels are fine for daily driving, however they have a few little variations that place the UltraTerrain slightly forward.

Because of the quicker starting turn-in, this UltraTerrain is rather sensitive as an all-terrain wheel. In contrast, the DuraTrac tends to be less sensitive, and neither provides a lot of input.

Driving them toward a tight spot is a poor idea, not just because of the absence of friction as well as grip, additionally because of the sidewall. As you get near the threshold, you may notice it flexing, creating things tough and uncomfortable for the one driving.

How smooth are wheels for daily driving?

When looking for wheels that may be operated on and dirt, expect to make certain tradeoffs. Acoustics will be sacrificed with the UltraTerrain as well as DuraTrac.

Because of the tread pattern, neither tire is as silent as a freeway tire. Having stated that, in relation to their competitors, the tires perform admirably. Even at lesser velocity, you can detect noise coming them, although it will be little. 

In regard to convenience, Goodyear did a really good job at making them comfy sufficient. 

A tiny distinction I found is how the DuraTrac appears to perform superior with respect of vibration reduction versus the UltraTerrain.

Does each of them provide a guarantee?

The UltraTerrain offers a significant drawback in terms of insurance. The DuraTrac includes a 50-mile treadwear assurance, but the UltraTerrain provides no treadwear guarantee.

Leaving the manufacturer’s warranty away, neither the UltraTerrain neither the DuraTrac appear to have lifespan issues. Both are made to be robust and last a long time.

In regard to cost, how do these compare?

The pricing constitutes among the UltraTerrain’s primary selling features. 

Despite the fact that Goodyear manufactures the tire, it is exclusively available at Discount Tire, although the cost is somewhat less in comparison to the DuraTrac.

Combining both versions with comparable sizes together yields a distinction of roughly $50, that doesn’t seem a little sum.

Which among the two choices is preferable?

These tires are outstanding at what they’re designed to do, but in specific instances, either is a superior choice.

The UltraTerrain offers a good alternative for consumers seeking for a solid and economical all-terrain wheel. With a cost reduction, you give up the treadwear assurance and a little off-road capability.

If the guarantee and durability in mud along with snow are important to you, go with the DuraTrac. Additionally, you’ll receive a tire which can be equipped with studs, which means you’ll have better traction on ice conditions.

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