Which Tire Brand is Stronger, Pirelli Versus Continental?

Ah yep, it’s tire time once again. Although some find it entertaining to search out the vehicle’s new boots, some find it to be a costly burden. Which manufacturer should I choose? is often your top priority when purchasing tires, regardless of the kind. If longevity is a factor, then why not choose one of both of the earliest tire manufacturers in the entire globe? So, which tire brand is superior, Pirelli versus Continental?

The two earliest tire firms in the globe are Pirelli along with Continental, which are 150 or 151 decades old, correspondingly. Both of them began just one year apart. Each firm has developed a unique specialty in the area of tires over decades, yet they all offer great performance and elegance in all environments.

Here is a table to provide a comparison between Pirelli versus Continental tires;

SpecializationHigh-performance, luxury vehiclesWide range, from economy to luxury
Technology & InnovationKnown for innovative tire technology and F1 racing involvementKnown for extensive R&D and numerous patents, especially in safety technologies
Road NoiseGenerally quiet, but varies by modelGenerally quiet, especially the premium models
Tread LifeCan be shorter on some high-performance modelsOften praised for long tread life, depending on the model
Winter PerformanceOffers specific winter tire models that are well-regardedKnown for some of the best winter tire models
Price RangeMid to high-endBroad range, from budget-friendly to high-end
Global PresenceExtensive, known worldwideExtensive, known worldwide
Environmental InitiativesHas efforts towards sustainability and reducing environmental impactStrong focus on sustainability and eco-friendly tire solutions

History of Pirelli Tires

Pirelli has been in business for 150 years and has a scholarly heritage. The 2nd-oldest tire firm in the globe after Continental, which begin in 1872, in Milan, a city in Italy, by Giovanni Pirelli.

In terms of revenue, Pirelli will have a net profit of 42.7M euro in 2020, making it the 6th-biggest tire manufacturer in the globe. The Pirelli building, a skyscraper which Alberto Pirelli constructed in the 1950s, represents one example of Pirelli’s achievement.

wide radial wheel

One of Pirelli’s most notable creations is the “wide radial wheel.” The Lancia rally driving team requested the concept since they had no race tires available that could meet their specifications. The tread pattern was so popular that the Porsche 911 subsequently adopted the same wheels.

As the sole tire provider for both the Formula One Global Series and the FIM World Motogp Championship, Pirelli is now continuing to enjoy achievement in every aspect of racing.

Nevertheless, Pirelli faces a few issues in the future. 2015 saw ChemChina, a subsidiary of the Chinese National Chemicals Corp., acquire a controlling stake in the Pirelli corporation. ChemChina merely pledged not to alter the business’s ownership model through 2023, despite the fact that it did not immediately do so.

ChemChina constitutes a Chinese government-owned corporation, hence there are numerous worries about Pirelli’s destiny as an organization. Nevertheless, Pirelli is now a reputable company that produces some superb powerful tires.

Families of Pirelli Tires

It is not surprising that Pirelli provides a wide range of wheels for various types of cars and situations given their 150 years of expertise. The six Pirelli wheel families assist you in selecting the appropriate tire for your needs. Despite having a wide range of alternatives, their superior performance are what really stand out.

P Zero

The Pirelli Zero range, which includes eleven distinct tires, is perhaps Pirelli’s best-known product. The powerful tire range is made by Pirelli and is intended for both SUVs and cars. While all eleven wheels can be used on automobiles, only five of these tires would fit SUVs.

With the exception of the P Zero Nero M+S, almost all wheels have Pirelli’s standard “activity” or “performance” classification. Despite the fact that all of these wheels are categorized as high-performance, here are several options. The bulk of the time, the variations are in the shape of tolerable circumstances like the wintertime, all-season, and summer weather.


The nine Cinturato wheels are all powerful Pirelli tires intended to provide those in the car with the maximum fuel efficiency. The bulk of such tires provide you tire performance while being all-season wheels. You may save gasoline by using some of such tires in metropolitan areas and throughout the colder months.


The worldwide appeal of SUVs along with crossovers has increased dramatically in the past decade, and Pirelli has noticed. Whichever the applications they are made for, each fifteen wheels that make up the Scorpion range are intended for SUVs as well as crossovers they have been classified as Excellent performance tires by Pirelli.

The wheels are built for a large range of uses, as one could anticipate with fifteen wheels in one series. Within this tire range, which includes touring wheels, all-terrain wheels, and complete winter tire sets with the 3 peaks insignia, you will find everything you require to drive your SUV.


Pirelli’s brand of powerful winter tires for automobiles is called Sottozero. These three wheels cost about the same but vary from one another in terms of how severe of a winter climate they can withstand.


Together with the solitary P4TM Four Seasons Plus, this brand of tire range is Pirelli’s tiniest one with a single tire now available. This wheel is also a cold-weather tire, that you likely guessed from the name, but it is significantly more expensive compared to the Sottozero wheel range. The Ice FR offers optimum stability across ice as is designed to withstand severe climates, such as those seen in the Nordic seasons.

The 4 Seasons Plus P4TM

The P4TM 4 Seasons Plus resembles an individual tire rather than a tire series. This is because it departs from Pirelli’s standard practice, which is the rationale behind it. The P4TM Four Seasons + has Pirelli’s least expensive tire and is intended to last lengthier while performing more efficiently in terms of fuel consumption.

History of Continental

The earliest tire manufacturer in the globe is Continental, which is only a year younger than Pirelli. This Hanover-based firm produces high-quality tires, as is typical of most German products. Like other tire businesses, Continental was as a producer of rubber, but following a few decades, the firm gained popularity as a tire business.

Its Continental simple tread tire, which was superior to many other treads at that point and was a significant advancement in the field of tires, brand gain popularity eventually. A few decades later, in 1904, Continental made another significant advancement when they became the first manufacturer to manufacture grooved wheels globally.

For a while, Continental had great success, although this would later provide a problem. The business overextended itself between 2004 and 2008 with a significant growth drive. The corporation was exposed to an attack as a result of the overextension.

The bulk of Continental’s stocks were acquired by a rival business called Schaeffler AG, and the firm underwent restructuring. At 46% among the shares right now, Schaeffler AG continues to control the majority. Although this was unfortunate for a few Continental executives, things have gotten better.

Today, Continental is among the top businesses in the tire industry. Continental is committed to a less polluted, greener tire sector in addition to focusing on quiet, pleasant tires. Continental being the first business to have developed and evaluated an entirely novel type of tread polymer, which serves as evidence of this objective.

Tread Design of Continental

Because the tread polymer was made entirely from organic dandelion rubber, tree saplings are not even necessary. Since rubber plants are a challenging crop to produce, dandelion rubber represents a significant advancement. They have a relatively narrow range of required tropical climates. As a result of the deforestation to create a place for rubber forests, several native creatures are in danger.

On the reverse hand, dandelions may thrive in places where little else can. In contrast to rubber plants, which require years to mature prior to they are able to be collected, dandelion harvests may also be collected fast.

Although Continental’s dandelion project remains in its early phases, there’s a lot of potential for it to transform the tire along with the rubber sector overall.

Families of Continental Tires

The primary goals of Continental are luxury and warmth, alongside all-season efficiency and permanent tires, and such objectives are shared by all members of their wheel types. Continental has a wide range of possibilities since it is the longest tire manufacturer in the entire globe.

Instead of categorizing its tires into tire series, Continental divides them into four categories: Ultra-high efficiency, Traveling, All-terrain, Plus winter.


This Ultra-High-Performance range has twelve tires. Whichever your demands and automobile might have, these wheels provide the best performance. Such tires may be installed on sports cars, sedans, SUVs, and small trucks.

Such tires have been designed for various climates, from summertime wheels to all-year tires. There aren’t any winter wheels at this location, and 3 of the 12 tires are all-season. Such tires are often rated as four ratings or better.

DWS06 Plus by ExtremeContact

That tire features a five-star certification and a neat-looking tread. Boasting responsive interaction, improved traction on wet highways, and a longer tread existence, the ExtremeContac Plus may be utilized on automobiles, cross-overs, and SUVs throughout the year long.

Sport with Extreme Contact

The ExtremeContact Sporting is only intended for use in the summers in sport and commercial vehicles. The limited assurance range is reduced owing to the wheel substance, but it provides improved handling as well as higher traction on dripping or dry circumstances.


The primary market for Continental is touring wheels. Their riding tires have been developed to bring dependable all-season popularity, enhanced responsive dealing with, and increased roll resistance whilst still offering a very pleasant ride.

Additionally, Continental’s traveling tires are more inclined to feature an uneven tread design along with a greater speed rating over the majority of wheels. Continental remains the company you turn to if you’re seeking the greatest all-season daily wheel.

LX25 CrossContact

A few of Continental’s top-of-the-line all-season traveling wheels, the CrossContact LX25, may be mounted on SUVs, small trucks, and hybrids. Two Continental innovations are also included in this tire: the EcoPlus improved fuel efficiency and the quick view indications.

LS PureContact

Comparable to the CrossContact LX25 however with an extravagant focus is the PureContact LS. The LS incorporates the EcoPlus including QuickView Indication methods, making it suitable for passenger vehicles and SUVs. If you drive a crossover, this kind of tire would be more suitable since it is somewhat softer than the PureContact.

Tour by TrueContact

While the TrueContact Tour may resemble the aforementioned two, it’s actually not. Although it contains identical two fundamental technologies, but is constructed to survive much longer. 

The tier is accessible on all automobiles with rims measuring between 15 and 19 inches. The ride quality is a bit less reactive compared to the Cross plus Pure Contacts due to the tread compound’s little toughness and the rear wall’s slight height, but this is a good trade-off for the added fuel. 


There are just two all-terrain wheels made by Continental, with the TerrainContact A/T serving as their premium model. Despite the little choices, the grade is not lacking.

A/T TerrainContact

The high-end all-season all-terrain wheel TerrainContactTM A/T is intended for crossovers, SUVs, plus light vehicles. The tire is equipped with TractionPlusTM Innovation, which boosts traction even longevity, improves grip on slippery surfaces, reduces road noise, and has the toughness to handle grass, gravel, and mud.


Wheels are essential in winter driving situations. They’re the one thing that keeps you looking the proper way and connected to the highway. Winter wheels by the Continental company are available in three different varieties, but the VikingContact 7 is the best.

NordicContact 7

A high-end wintry tire for automobiles, crossovers, large vehicles, and light vehicles is the VikingContactTM 7. With PolarPlus Tech from Continental, the wheel offers flexible treads in cold weather, greater traction in cold driving, and quicker halting times on snow- along with ice-covered roadways.

The tire is officially marked with the 3-Peak Alpine Snowflake insignia for harsh wintertime conditions, indicating that it has undergone independent regulation testing.

Continental vs. Pirelli Tires Variance

Pirelli along with Continental are quite comparable since they are among the oldest wheel manufacturers in the entire globe. Let’s examine a few of the most essential features of every tire firm to help us evaluate the two businesses more effectively. Achievement, treadwear, comfort, and pricing, which is crucial.

 Both of them are practically equal in terms of performance, but there exists a deeper narrative at play too. Continental triumphs in wet conditions, but based on what sort of efficiency you want, it may not be the winner in dry climate management.

The side walls of Pirelli are often more rigid, which improves corner performance. On the opposite hand, Continental’s gentler side walls offer a significantly better balancing performance, particularly in urban settings where road surface is not necessarily ideal.

Although a single caveat, tread life remains likewise quite well matched, having Continental edging out the competition by a little margin. Whichever is its velocity evaluation, Pirelli’s P4TM 4 Seasons Plus may last as much as 90k miles. Then comes ease, while for the initial time, there is a certain winner.

The journey on Continental is much more pleasant. From a few tire types, consumers have experienced nearly no roadway noise. Because of this, several luxury automobile manufacturers use Continental wheels as standard OM wheels. This is not to claim that Pirelli wheels are loud; rather, the level of road vibration is typical.

We now reach the topic of cost. They are extremely similar, just as in the majority of our previous comparisons among these two businesses. Both businesses are less expensive than other well-known names like Michelin as well as Goodyear. Nevertheless, Continental is often a touch less expensive than Pirelli, plus Pirelli’s economy wheel really makes the difference for me.

Advantages of Pirelli Tires

  • Fantastic high-performance wheels
  • A large number of choices
  • Excellent turning and high-speed handling A good value
  • Benefits of Continental Outstanding daily tires
  • Comfort levels that are above par Noise reduction that is superior
  • Outstanding handling in all conditions

What Brand Should I Pick?

It truly depends on what you require from the wheels with a pair that are so similarly suited. Pirelli will likely be the ideal choice if you’re searching for a powerful tire which is excellent at corners.

Continental delivers the outstanding comfort and outstanding all-season wheels that you’re searching for. Ultimately, you may be satisfied with any brand, but my best recommendation is to glance at recent evaluations of the wheels you are thinking about, since the tire industry is always evolving and expanding.

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