Which Tire Brands Are Sold At Costco?

Purchasing for wheels at Costco has several benefits, some of which are just handy, whereas others might save you dollars. It is obvious that purchasing wheels from Costco entails paying less than other tire retailers in the nation. However, which tire brands are sold at Costco?

Browse the many top-notch tire manufacturers that Costco carries. Costco has a range of wheels from brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, and Pirelli to meet your vehicular demands and guarantee your car’s best performance.

Which Tire Brands Costco Offers?

Costco has sold Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Bridgestone wheels until 2015. Each one of these companies are among the most important tire producers in the world. Furthermore, they provide class-leading wheels in efficiency, off-road, traveling, and almost each additional category.

This is not surprising given that they are often found among the high pricing range. However, when you contemplate how much you may potentially cut by purchasing them at Costco, such high-end pricing isn’t that premium after all.

Which Are the Benefits of Purchasing Wheels at Costco?

  • Competitive costs
  • Lifelong warranty
  • Tire care for the rest of your life
  • Nitrogen inflation
  • Complimentary handling and delivery

Is it less expensive to buy wheels at Costco?

You ought to become an active Costco participant. That will run you roughly $60 per year, for you to begin being eligible to purchase wheels via Costco.

Costco frequently offers reductions on different wheels of as much as $80 per wheel. Meaning that you might save close to $320 off a fresh set of wheels. When you choose to sign up for Costco’s sect of saves, you will benefit from low prices.

Additionally, Costco sells wheels that are unavailable elsewhere, including the Michelin X tire line, that is only available to Costco customers.

Do Costco Wheels Come With A Forever Warranty?

In addition to trying to fix the wheel if anything goes incorrect Costco is often tempted to simply change the wheel entirely. Individuals who claim that Costco deliberately replaces tires which were purposefully damaged may possibly be found if you browse through numerous forum conversations on this subject, but you ought to view that claim with an air of skepticism.

In any case, they will check the tread depth on the destroyed wheel and will give you credit based on how much tread lifespan is still remaining. Naturally, they will repair the wheel quickly if it has a design flaw.

Will Costco Wheels Include Lifetime Wheel Maintenance?

Not precisely, however, you can receive free lifelong tire care if you’re ready to pay an extra $18.99 each tire (a total of $75,96) over and above the asking amount.

Included with this are tire setups, lifetime adjusting, lifetime wheel rotations, forever flat servicing, lifelong air pressure checks, fresh rubber valve stems (TPMS devices do incur extra fees), and Costco’s Premium Highway Hazard Protection.

You should be aware, nonetheless, that Costco is generally unwilling to fix tires which are too worn-out or unsafe for usage.

Does Costco use nitrogen to re-air tires?

You may benefit from limitless, cost-free tire fill-ups when you choose to purchase wheels from Costco. The positive aspect remains that Costco exclusively stocks nitrogen—not ordinary pressurized air—which should result in far improved tire inflation retention. Longevity, transporting, and even gas mileage are all improved.

You must be conscious, nevertheless, that nitrogen isn’t a unique kind of air capable of expelling compressed air from the water. Since ordinary compressed air already contains 78% nitrogen, adding nitrogen to the wheels may be seen as an added benefit which will eventually help both you plus the wheels.

If I purchase wheels at Costco, would delivery and handling be free?

You do. Normally, Costco provides free shipping for purchases totaling $75 or more, but considering that wheels can take quite a lot of room in a supply vehicle, this is really an advantage. Since there are no additional fees along with this, Costco is also responsible for all processing expenses.

Will Costco Replace Tires Sold by Others?

They don’t, however. Tires not explicitly purchased from Costco will not be replaced, installed, rotated, balanced, or repaired by Costco. Regardless of whether you happen to be Costco client or not, simply they cannot deal any non-Costco wheels at all. Additionally, if you are missing all of your records or if you’d ignored your wheels, Costco won’t take care of your Costco-purchased tires.

Additionally, bear in consideration that Costco may still refuse to install wheels. That fail to conform to the tread specifications suggested for a particular automobile manufacturer and model period. A boss or administrator at a Costco service facility is going to make the decision on the spot whether to put in or keep tires which are in any manner suspect if there’s difficulties concerning these warnings.

Is it Good It to Purchase Wheels from Costco?

Such a great deal of sense to get wheels from Costco once all the advantages are considered. As well as when joining costs and lifelong maintenance expenses are taken into account. You can constantly be certain that you’re receiving the greatest tire manufacturers available. While knowing the wheels will be well-cared for for as long as possible.


Throughout 2015, Costco has carried Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Bridgestone wheels. These three manufacturers are superior than any other tire manufacturers. However, since they offer anything they may, Costco doesn’t qualify as a wholesaler that specializes in wheels. On the reverse side, Tire Rack offers 26 additional tire companies since it specializes on tires plus wheels virtually completely.

In any case, Costco is an excellent location to purchase tires. Since you qualify for a number of extra tire items, including free delivery and packaging, perpetual warranties, lifelong maintenance, and complimentary nitrogen tire refills rather than compressed air rebates as most other shops.


Do I have to be an affiliate of Costco to purchase tires?

In overall, in order to buy tires via Costco’s retail locations or via the internet, you must be an existing member.

Do Costco’s wheels come with installation?

Yes, Costco charges a price for tire fitting services. Included in this are installation, balancing, installing new latex valve stems, inflation of nitrogen, and getting rid of used tires.

What exactly constitutes the Costco tire guarantee?

The wheels that Costco sells come with warranties. They’re going to repair the wheels for a reduced cost. Only if they are worn out prior to you’ve traveled a specified amount of miles. Additionally, they provide a 5-year Highway Hazard Assurance that protects tire damage sustained when driving normally.

Can I make a tire fitting appointment at Costco?

A tire assembly appointment may be made at Costco. To ensure prompt treatment, appointments are advised.

Will Costco provide services for wheel rotation or balancing?

Regarding tires bought at Costco, these amenities are provided without charge.

What sort of air is used by Costco when refilling tires?

A: Nitrogen, never compressed air, is used by Costco to inflate each tire that they set up. In comparison to pneumatic air, nitrogen assists in preserving tire inflation longer. Also extending tire life while improving fuel economy in your car.

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